Power Bee 940

Power Bee 940

Experience an adrenaline rush like never before with the Power Bee 940 Engine for your vintage Go Kart or modern toy. Our newest engine, the Power Bee 940, has been meticulously engineered to push the boundaries of speed and performance.

Spec Highlight:
- "Boost Ported" oversized bore & stroke of 1.777" ensuring continuous power.
- Robust 9.4 cu. in. (154cc) displacement encased in an efficient air-cooling system.
- PVL Analog Transistor Ignition for unlimited RPMs
- Machined flywheel
- Carbon Fiber Reeds
- Thin Ring Piston
- Modified Transfer Points

Feel the roaring power as you blaze through the tracks, leaving awe in your wake. The Power Bee 940 isn’t just an engine; it’s a testament to what relentless power and meticulously crafted engineering can achieve when harmonized perfectly.

Additional accessories like a Carb, Muffler, and Mount are available for an extra charge to ensure the Power Bee 940 molds seamlessly into your racing setup. This isn’t just about joining the race; it’s about leading it with unmatched prowess. Secure your Power Bee 940 Engine now, embrace the race, feel the unyielding power, and let every drive echo a statement of unrivaled speed and performance!
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- Bore: 2.591" “Boost Ported”

- Stroke: 1.777"

- Displacement: 9.4 cu. in. (154cc)

- Mounting: Versatile mounting in any position

- Cooling: Efficient air-cooling system

- Starter: N/A machined flywheel

- Ignition: PVL Analog Transistor Ignition with no RPM limiter and an included remote killswitch lead.

- Spark Plug: 14 mm

- Cylinder Construction: Aluminum diecast crankcase-cylinder with removable cylinder head

- Copper “Stroker” head gasket

- NSC Plated cylinder bore

- Crankshaft Output End: 3/4" keyed for nearly universal clutch compatibility

- Bearings: Flywheel and Power

- Take-Off End: 6204 C3 Ball bearings

- Connecting Rod (Upper): Needle Bearings

- Connecting Rod (Lower): 28 Individual

- Crankpin Roller Needle Bearings

- Connecting Rod: Forged Steel

- Crankshaft: Forged Steel

- Piston: Aluminum Alloy

- Rings: Two thin rings in a single groove

- Carburetor: Location: On top

- Type: Tillotson HL-232F (sold separately)

- Diaphragm, with integral fuel pump allowing engine operation in all positions

- Fuel: Regular unleaded gasoline

- Fuel/Oil Mix: One third pint oil to one gallon gasoline (24:1 ratio)

- Lubrication: Self-Lubrication with oil in fuel

- Weight: 15 1/2 lbs. (approx.).