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  • Vintage Go Kart Racing Engine

    "Box Stock" Vintage Racing!

    In association with the Eastern Vintage Karting group, Power Bee Engine, LLC. has developed a sealed Box Stock engine, in order to level the playing field, and elevate the level of fun associated with vintage karting.

    The Box Stock Power Bee 894EVK engine is the only vintage American 2 Stroke racing engine still made today. This engine continues the rich WB history, and was designed specifically for the EVK's "Box Stock" vintage class events. The engine can be purchased with or without the Tillotson HL-232 Carb, and Power Bee Box muffler, however you'll need those specific items to n optional free 12 month membership to the Eastern Vintage Karting (EVK) go kart club.

  • About

    Power Bee Racing

    At Power Bee Racing, we don't just build engines - we craft legends. Our work is rooted in the rich legacy of the West Bend 820, a renowned industrial engine from the early 1960s. But we're not content to rest on the laurels of the past. We've taken this classic design and supercharged it for the modern era, blending its iconic status with the pinnacle of today's performance enhancements.

    We build to precise specifications, aiming not just to meet, but to exceed the optimal requirements of peak performance.
    But don't just take our word for it. Experience the extraordinary craftsmanship of our work firsthand by exploring our project gallery at www.PowerBeeEngine.com
    Join us on this thrilling journey, as we are crafting the future of high-performance vintage racing.
    Here are a few examples of our custom work!
    The Killer Bee is the first Race Ready Stroker engine built by Ryan, on the modern 820 platform.

    Killer Bee

    Modified Custom 940 Stroker


    Power Bee Racing 820R Serial Number 1 & 2, built for Margay Gearbox

    Power Bee 820R

    Custom Racing Engines

    Rokon varient has a CCW rotation short PTO

    Rokon Varient

    Hand Crafted for Vintage Riders

    Power Bee 89R built for the Vintage Kart Club of America "Club Kart"

    Power Bee 894R

    Race Ready Stroker

    Built for the VKCA

    Power Bee 89R built for the Vintage Kart Club of America "Club Kart"

    Sealed 894EVK

    Box Stock

    Race Ready

    Built for the EVK


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  • 940 Big Bore Stroker Kit, for you 820 Power Bee upgrade needs


    Biggest Bee in the Hive!!!

    Power Bee Engine: Your go to store for all 820 Power Bee needs.


    Check out Power Bee Engine for your "Stock" needs

    Rokon Ready

    Power Bee 820

    A step above the factory industrial version...

    West Bend 820 Go Kart Racing Engine

    "Box Stock" Vintage Kart Racing

    The Power Bee 894EVK is out now!


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