Power Bee 857 - The Ultimate Racing Engine

Power Bee 857 - The Ultimate Racing Engine

Introducing the Power Bee 857 - a remarkable transformation of the vintage 820 into a modern powerhouse. Meticulously crafted for racing enthusiasts and performance purists, the 857 delivers an unparalleled racing experience.

This isn't just a custom look, it's custom power! See details below.
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  • Engine Capacity: A substantial 140cc, making it dominant in its class.
  • PTO: Vintage stepped PTO, ensuring compatibility with classic setups while delivering enhanced performance.
  • Big Bore Kit: Installed to boost the engine's capacity and power output.
  • Cylinder: Boost ported with modified transfer ports for increased airflow and efficiency.
  • Intake System: Features the V8 Dual Reed Cage intake, allowing for more air intake and enhanced throttle response. Plus the new precision machined HR intake adapter to allow for a much larger carb. 
  • Carburetor: Equipped with the Tillotson Hr-181B 33mm Carb, ensuring consistent fuel flow and peak performance at all times.
  • Ignition System: No rev limit Analog PVL, designed for maximum acceleration and top-end speed.
  • Starter: Reliable automatic rewind starter for easy and hassle-free starts every time.

Performance Guarantee: The Power Bee 857 isn't just a revamped version of the 820; it's a testament to superior engineering and passion. We guarantee it to be faster and more powerful than any standard 820 on the track. Experience the adrenaline rush of unmatched speed and power with the Power Bee 857.

Rev up your races with the Power Bee 857 and leave the competition in your dust!